Last update: 09/19/02

Bad news!  Epson finally decided to stop selling Chrono-bit.  See the official web site (in Japanese).

Chrono-Bit is a wristwatch-type PDA (Personal Digital Appliance).

I created this page because I noticed there is little information in English about this excellent 'wearable' PDA.  

One of its unique feature of Chrono-Bit is electromagnetic induction used to charge battery and link to PC. This means no electrical contact is installed on this watch.
Another unique feature is the rotative bezel as an input device, although it may be a little bit tough to input words by using the bezel.
Chrono-Bit has vibrator as an alarm. As long as you are wearing this watch, you cannot miss your important appointments. Many useful applications are available such as scheduler, address book, world clock, train time table, and many fancy clocks. Furthermore, SDK is provided to create your own applications. (but assembler only)

Recently, people not wearing wrist watches are increasing because they can see the time on the cellular phone instead. But I believe the human arm is the most suitable place to wear information appliances. In fact, many watch-type appliances such as WatchPadare revealed recently. I believe watch-type appliances like Chrono-Bit will become more common in the near future.

The followings are the brief specification of Chrono-Bit:

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